Has anyone ever experienced something by coincidence? I do believe that everyone faced lots of the coincidental situations which are both good and bad, and most people have more likely experienced bad coincidences than good. But, please do not think that it is always bad. Because I am going to share you some of my experiences I have faced to show you that coincidence is not always bad.

It’s like a memorable coincidence situation. When I was a freshman, one day ,I didn’t know the direction to Siam. T got confused about the Cu pop line to get there. I got on the wrong bus and I asked the bus driver for the right bus line. Someone behind me suddenly answer my question before the driver did. That guy told me to follow him going to Siam because he was in the wrong bus line too but he knew the way to get there. He is a student in faculty of engineering. Along the way, we were talking about so many things that seem like we had really been friends for a long time. Before we said good bye to go back home he gave me his Facebook name and after that we talked to each other a lot and now he become one of my close friend. I think I was so lucky that I got to know such a super kind friend like him from that situation.

Another coincidence situation is that one day when I was a second year student. I was on the way to go to Siam like the previous time. The lottery seller came closely to me and showed the pieces of the lottery and said “Please take these, you will win the prize”. Personally, I wasn’t interested in that kind of gambling. I thought that buying lottery was like wasting money for nothing. But, I didn’t know myself why I decided to grab one of those pieces of lottery. Maybe, there was a sound in my mind telling me that “trust her and take them”. And after I had bought it, I forgot it totally until 2 day after the government lottery office announced the prizes. I checked it and found that I incredibly won 4000 Baht, so, I think it might be the gift from heaven or something because 6 days after that was my birthday. And, that is a really surprising birthday present for me

I do believe that everything happens for a reason. It may not be understood during the time it happens or eventually it will be defined. For those who do not believe in good things coming by coincidence, please be optimistic; do not be afraid of something happening unexpectedly. Be happy and welcome everything that comes to your life.

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