Count On Me, Count On You

Count On Me, Count On You

            Songs are effective learning media for English classes, so my teacher showed me the music video clip of a song as a part of the lesson. While I was watching it, I was thinking of some of my friends. They were beside me not only when I had impressive moments, but when I had a difficult time of my life. The song that still reminds me of a memorable part in my college life is ‘Count on me’ by Bruno Mars.

            As mentioned above, the music video of this song discusses the value of friendship. Friends willingly do good things for each other. At the same time, friends are those who you can trust to share personal matters and get some useful advice from. In this way, you can share how you feel with them, and they do understand your feeling and willingly help you when you need help. Accordingly, friends play an important role in fulfilling one’s life. 

            Most parts of the music video share some similarities to my experience with friends. I have personally met several kinds of friends; good, bad, or even betrayal ones. Some of my friends, however, have been really sincere and kind to me. Whenever I feel disappointed or unhappy, I can consult some of my friends straightaway, and they listen to me with understanding. This makes me feel secured and certain that I always have someone beside me. By the way, I also spend great time with my friends going out travelling and having memorable time together. Without such nice friends, my life would not be as happy as I feel now.

            The music video of the song ‘Count on me’, as a whole, has been one of my favorite songs in my playlists. Whenever I listen to the playlists and this song plays, I miss our memorable experiences we have had together so far. Until now, the value of friendship convinces me that friendship is universally one of the most beautiful things in the world.


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