Crafts from napkins

Crafts from napkins

Do you believed that crafts are not only created by painting, or drawing, but they can also be created by using napkins! Yes, napkins which we always use to clean our lips after finishing meals. However, in the world of arts, they can also be used as the decoration.

This kind of arts is called “Decoupage”. It is a French word, I think, which means the art of decoration using napkins to decorate onto an object. There are many different napkins’ patterns to be chosen, such as flowers, animals, landscapes, or even snowman. Also, the object chosen to be decorated can be anything – tables, chairs, fans, walls,or even bags.

You may think that the steps of making Decoupage is difficult. BUT! It is not that difficult at all. The first step is you have to choose the object you want to make it more beautiful, also choose the napkins’ pattern that you want to use as the decoration. Then, apply the decoupage glue onto the object. After it is set and dry, use a sponge with a little water in it to tap the napkins onto the object, and wait until it is set and completely dry. The last step is applying the Decoupage varnish onto the object to protect your work from sunlight, dust, and water, and make it ready to be used. These are all the easy steps of making decoupage.

For those who are interested in Decoupage, you can buy cheap napkins from Chatuchak market. The normal price is 15-30 Baht per set. In a set, there are 4 pieces of napkins.

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