Creamery Ice Cream Shop

Creamery Ice Cream Shop

Are you an ice-cream lover? Yes, I am! 

I am the fan of ice cream. I like to wander around to search and enjoy ice cream. There are many interesting ice cream shops near Chulalongkorn university, but I totally recommend this one. I found the interesting home-made ice cream shop near my dormitory. It is called Creamery Boutique Ice Creams. This shop located in Chulalongkorn 42 road. It provides many different flavours of ice cream for example milk, strawberry cheese cake, banoffee, bacon&eggs and honey yogurt. All of the flavours is really yummy. The quality of ice cream is so good because they use the premium ingredients. The texture of ice cream is different from other shops because it is creamy, milky, sticky and chewy. My favourite ice cream flavour is milk because it is mellow and not too sweet.


The signature dish of this shop is cookie with ice cream. It has the warm, chewy soft cookie topped with cold and sweet scoops of ice cream. Sure, ice cream is wonderful, and so are cookies, but together they make the perfect combination. The special taste comes from the cookie filled with hot chocolate inside.


The other thing that I like is the decoration of the shop. It is the small shop in tone of brown and white. All of the tables and chairs are made of wood which made you feel warm. The concept of the shop is presented as the passion between lover which is the owners of the shop. The idea of this shop is based on the quote “all because two people fell in love”. Of cause, anything that make with love is always special. I recommend you to try it!



-Don’t forget that you cannot buy happiness but you can buy ice cream.

That’s kind of the same thing.-



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  1. This article make me hungry! Luckily I’m finding new ice cream shop to go to and this is a good choice. Thank you!

  2. Glad to know I got a friend who loves ice-cream like me!

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