CU Bike : The new alternative way for travelling in Chulalongkorn University


Have you ever feel bored of waiting for the CU pop bus for a long time? Moreover, when it comes at the bus stop, there are full of people in it. Certainly, it seems to be a frustrating moment for you. Sometimes it makes you go to attend class late because of these little reasons. Are you looking for a new comfortable method to use? Nowadays, this annoying problem will be solved because our university has a new innovation. It’s ‘CU Bike’ which comes to make your life easier.


“What is CU Bike?” – CU bike is a new innovation for travelling in Chulalongkorn University. It is a system that you can borrow and return the public bike by yourself. This technology is established by the initiative idea about encouraging people to use bike instead of other non-environment-friendly transportations. CU Bike is actually like an alternative transport for us. This innovation use energy from solar cell so that means when we ride it, it likes we are now saving the world.

“How to use CU Bike?” – To use this service, you must be a member by register in website or at the CU Bike Control & Maintenance Center. After that you will receive the member card. Use it at the five stations nearby you including Borom-Rajakumari Building Station, Juljakapong Yard Station, Chamchuri-Building connection Station, Student Dorm Station, and Chamchuri 9 Building Station.

“What about the terms and conditions of using CU Bike? ” – At first after you registered, you will receive the starter, 100 points. Commonly, you can use the bike for one hour per times. Unless you return the bike late, your points will be reduced in rate 5 points per hour. You can’t use any CU bikes if your points are less than 50 points. However, the points will recover every 5 points by just don’t return the bike late in one week. Moreover, you can temporarily park the bike away from the station by using member card. The bike system will be automatically locked so don’t concern that the other people will bring you bike away.


Using the CU Bike has many benefits even for you and the environment. We all know that riding bike is an easy way and environment-friendly. It doesn’t use the fuel that is caused the global warming. CU Bike has 5 stations that are easy to find in the university area and in each station has enough bikes for us for using. Thus it is going to be one of an easy alternative way to travel and to use in campus. Now, have you ever got a member card yet? If not, register one and try the new way of travel in Chulalongkorn University.

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