CU Cinderella Party

CU Cinderella Party

Do you want the most interesting event of the year in Chulalongkorn university? I present to you the “CU Cinderella Party”. I came up with this name due to the finishing time will be at midnight sharp. This is the party which you pay only 25o Baht, and get free food, non-alcoholic drinks. Moreover, there will be a concert from the CU Band, some professional artists, and after 10.30, there will be a DJ to power up the party till midnight.




In addition, this annual event is for Chulalongkorn university students only. You can easily apply via online link, both cash and online transferring are accepted. You and your friends will have the time of your life, enjoying the music, meeting some new friends and remembering the “CU Cinderella Party” for a long time.


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