CU CINEMA : the new place for CU students

CU CINEMA : the new place for CU students

As you may know, you can find cinema easily. Just go to the shopping malls, and then go to the top floor.  Many of you may complain about the movie ticket price, and it is so crowded that there are not any seats left.  Is it possible to have a cinema in the university?  Yes. Our Chulalongkorn University has provided the cinema for undergraduate students and guests.  It is an activity called “Learning English from movies”, which is held on every Friday at 4.15 PM on the third floor of Central Library, Maha Theerarajanusorn building.  It provides various free foreign films with the original soundtracks, which can help you improve your listening skill.


You can see the showtime of the film on the first floor of the building as well as the website.  Moreover, you will experience the drama, adventure and emotion of your favourite films with the extraordinary visual clarity and sound quality.


Although it is a free movie, you are not allowed to bring drinks and food to the cinema.  However, I guarantee you will enjoy watching movies there and it will be your first choice everytime you think of going to the movie.

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