Deemo, a mellow blend of story and rhythm game

Deemo, a mellow blend of story and rhythm game

Smartphones has various kinds of application for everyone to choose, and one of the most popular categories is game. I have been on a long journey in search of a type of games that is suitable for playing on smartphones, and I found that rhythm game is one of them. My most favorite one is called Deemo, a piano theme rhythm game.


Why do I like it? First of all, this game has interesting characters and illustrates. They give me a mysterious yet heart-warming feelings. Usually, this kind of game focuses solely on the gameplay, but this game offers you more than that. The illustrates, combined with beautifully composed background music, will take you through the story. If you play more songs, you will unlock more story. Speaking of the gameplay, Deemo uses a traditional rhythm game play style, in which the notes flow down while the music is playing. You press on these notes to make a sound just like you are really playing a piano. Successfully pressed without missing any notes will be counted as Full Combo. The points calculated at the end of the song come from amount of notes you successfully pressed.


As for the songs, while other rhythm games tend to use fast rhythm music, Deemo uses piano based songs instead, and it gives a completely different feeling from others. Rather than playing with the tension of making a perfect score, you can relax and play while enjoying the song. This is one thing that makes Deemo stand out from its kind.If you are looking for a rhythm game, especially the one with story and different music style, this game is a must try for you.

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  1. This game is very interesting! I would like to play it!!!!

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