Difficulties of university life

Difficulties of university life

Now is the most difficult moment I have ever had in the university; I’m not sure if this life is the life I had longed for three years ago while I was in the high school. At that time, CU is the university in my dream, and I really wanted to be a student in this faculty because I wanted to be a teacher. However, at this moment, I just wonder if I have chosen the right place for me, or not.


This is the first time that I want to leave everything behind me, and go to somewhere unknown. Actually, I am a girl who is very patient. I had never given up on my study as I had always believed that I could do it eventually, but this time is completely different.


I’m sure I can do every single assignment I have been given, yet I don’t know why I have to do them. I really don’t see the reasons to do those things making me terribly down.


As a human, I think, we all were born only once, so why do we have to be suffering? We’ve always worked hard to get money and reputation, then we’ll spend all of them for “HAPPINESS”. I just wonder why do we have to torture our lives in order to be happy, and when we are happy, it is too late to appreciate the happiness we get.

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  1. In your interesting journal entry, you raise some good questions and points. May I address just one of them, as I am, like you, suffering with my heavy work at the moment. Your association of education and pain is understandable, and, at least for me, troublesome. I think I share your implied view that learning should be interesting (don’t ever expect it to be fun), and meaningful; education should always be thus. As such, if you don’t see the meaning in your learning or assignment, I suggest you ask your instructor to provide it. If the work is not developing your skills, point this out. Any good teacher will have already shaped her course to make it applicable to the real world and be open to individualizing it when needed. If not, your feedback will help her in the future, or, you yourself will discover the benefit you can’t yet see.

    As for your focus on happiness, never lose that. However, temper it with the realization that you can’t eat happiness.


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