Disappointing love

Many of love stories usually come to end with happiness but in the real life may end with sadness. When I was a child ,  my mom fabled me the happy ending love story. There were a prince and a princess living together in the beautiful castle. So I believe in real love. Then I grew up, I realized that love doesn’t always end with living happily together. Last 17 months ago , my boyfriend and I started our relationship by the first word “Love” from him. Route of our love was full of good tales. When I was with him I could felt safe , warm , trustful and I could be myself. He completed the missing part of me. I though only “Wow! is it my real life? , is he my real prince who makes me the most lucky princess in the world? ” But time passes , feeling changes. W began to argue each other more and more and I thought that our love was constantly faded because of the different habits. He often lied to me or sometimes I was too fussy to him. So we decided to stop our love story at that time. Early time of breaking off relations, I felt lonely like losing some part of my heart. I felt pain like my heart was crushed. I was wistful and hopeless. One month has pass, our love has ended : no prince, no princess and he is hot here beside me. But memories remained worthy. I still love him ,      I still miss him and I still faith in love. Even though I have to be alone but I still alive. I believe that ” A life without love, is no life “

Edited By : Phathai (Ohm)

Journal writing #2 

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  1. Let it be a tough lesson to be learned. Your life needs to go on and you need to be happy. Do not let yourself drown in him. You have a lot of friends standing beside you. So, just do not worry. Though you do not have him, you still have us. I love you and take care of yourself well, girl. ^^

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