Do teenagers who grow up in a bicultural family get more advantages?

Do teenagers who grow up in a bicultural family get more advantages?

Life is weird. First, you want to grow up, and then you want to be a kid again. However, every man in the world cannot deny aging. We had better learn how to grow up but not just grow old, which is called maturity. It is the way we can wisely deal with obstacles and circumstances in life. What pushes us to that stage? The most important factor is the way we are raised up. In my view, teenagers who grow up in a bicultural family get a lot more advantages in terms of studying, living and growing.

Adolescences raised up in bicultural family are able to learn a second language with almost no effort at all. Because they use two different languages since they were very young, they absolutely have better speaking skills with perfect accents. They can also naturally learn common grammar rules in both languages, so they show better academic performance at school. Moreover, these language skills help teenagers decide whether they love to further their study in fields of linguistics and provide them better chance in applying for many qualified universities.

Another benefit the bicultural teenagers receive is that they have contact with two different countries. As they are able to travel internationally  , they encounter more experiences which can enhance their ability to deal with daily life’s problems such as organizing times, keeping and taking care of their own things, asking for directions, and so on. Furthermore, they thoroughly know more about the two countries’ general information which can completely strengthen their knowledge. When travelling across the countries, they also meet people from many different places. This way can improve their communicating and social skills, as they can notice and learn to blend themselves into unfamiliar environments.

The most important advantage of being bicultural is becoming more open to other cultures and other ways of doing things. Obviously, bicultural teenagers have a chance to learn other different traditions and cultures. Being so young, energetic and enthusiasm, they freely perceive new experiences with no bias. Once they gradually instill the different traditions, their minds eventually become more open and understanding. Because of this, bicultural adolescences can easily live with various kinds of people and also appreciate the differences between nationalities. When understanding every little piece of differences, they will finally become generous and considerate adults.

It is obvious that teenagers cannot properly grow up by themselves; their development and maturity depend largely on parental guidance and advisory. Personally, I assume that teenagers who grow up in bicultural family earn a lot more advantages than those who do not, because the differences between nationalities help them live and learn more.

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  1. Wish I could seize the time and went back to my childhood! Too late, I can’t be a bilingual.

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