Does Surgery Bring the Real Beauty?

Does Surgery Bring the Real Beauty?

Beauty is the aspect most people nowadays need. It can be so powerful when you get it due to the fact that it is like the magnet appealing someone to look at or probably to have a crush on you. However, I am sure that you prefer the natural beauty to artificial beauty called “surgery”. For natural beauty, it exists inside you and people have to take time to perceive it. So, the quick way for creating concrete beauty, surgery, comes to us. Up to now, in my point of view, I have been considering about surgery in many ways. One of them, I think it is the way which makes you confident and happy just for a while. In case of love, are you truly proud if someone falls for you because of your unnatural appearance? If your answer is “Yes”, you may hardly find true love. All in all, I would like to say that you have already had the true beauty waiting to be expressed. Though, it may take a long time to impress someone, it will last for love.

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