Dog Café

Dog Café

I know that many people, including me, are pet lovers. I love dog, especially huge dogs. I have one dog that is half Labrador retriever and half Rottweiler. He is like my little brother and close friend. Although I want to live with him, I can’t bring him up to my dormitory in Bangkok. Accordingly, I tried to find the way to play with dogs, and dogs café became my answer. First of all reasons, I love to go to dogs café because it reminds me of my home and my dog. At dog café, I always play with dogs and talk to the owners, who are nice and friendly. I feel comfortable and relax at dogs café so dogs café has become a warm and cozy place for me. Next, playing with the dogs reduces my stress because I feel like the dogs sincerely listen to me and sooth me from my pains. Also, I only focus on the dogs so I forget about all of serious things that I thought before. Moreover, the food and drinks at dogs café are good, but these foods and drinks seem to be more awesome while I watch the dogs playing. For all of these reasons, dogs café is the place I love to go. If you have a chance and not afraid of dogs, go to dogs café. Maybe dogs café will be your favorite place soon.




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  1. It sounds super interesting! Plus, the pictures are so cute ;D

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