Dylant – The Most Attractive Boy Ever

Dylant – The Most Attractive Boy Ever

Let me introduce you a Thai-British boy who was so famous in social media last year from the video named “Hardcore Kor Kai”, he’s Dylant. According to the video posted on YouTube, he was reciting all of Thai alphabets to his mom with very lovely accent. Since then, there are tons of people following him until their support pushes his mom to create an official fan page where his stories are published. They all can see updated cute photos and stories of Dylant almost every day. More important than his cuteness, his super mom is really admirable. She shows people the way she tries to nurture his son valuing Thai cultures. Though they speak generally together in English, she gradually teaches him how to speak, read, and write Thai language. For many times I go to see what’s new on the page and I always smile out from ear to ear when reading and watching their stories in daily life especially Dylant’s speech. For example, while they were having lunch, he asked his mom for tasting Papaya salad which is extremely spicy. She told that he shouldn’t because she put a lot of chilies in it, it was too spicy. However, he insisted to try tasting. Finally, she allowed him to taste but she warned him to eat very little first. After tasting that super hot and spicy dish, he told her that it’s okay, not spicy! Suddenly, he grabbed his glass of water and drank so much to conceal his real feeling. Lol Today, he is a five-year old boy being loved very much by Thai people. He’s growing to be a smart and gentle boy by taking care of his mom. No matter how long the time flies, I will be his fan forever!

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  1. Oh I love him 😉 Such a sweet boy!

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