‘Easily Saving A Hundred Thousand Before I Graduate’

‘Easily Saving A Hundred Thousand Before I Graduate’

Saving a hundred thousand before I graduate is just a piece of cake. I have been doing this myself from last year and I am certainly sure of the result. As a student, it is much easier to save one-tenth of a million baht by following my own rule, ‘PrSS’, which is standing for three keywords, preparing, saving and saving.

To always keep myself on track, I need to set a goal at first. It must be one important goal that is able to motivate me at all time. Therefore, my goal is saving for Europe’s trip. As the goal is set, I am now planning how much money is going to be saved each month from monthly income and my job as a tutor. I also count the months since my starting month to the month of my graduation day before I am taking an action.

Now it is time to save as a professional! I take seventy percent of my monthly income at the very beginning of the month and directly deposit money to my account. There must not be any debit card for the account. This is a tip to keep away my money before spending it all. It is better to keep it safer!

Saving habitually, thirty percent of my money, I deduct at least ten baht each day to save in my piggy bank. I spend all my money cleverly by recording revenues and expenses every day. Besides, I work as a tutor to earn money in the other way. This amount of money is a gift. I am able to spend on anything, for example, purchasing something nonsense, spending for hanging out or saving it if I have no idea of what I will spend the money for. I always keep this in mind and strict to my goal, ‘The more I save, the more I get.’ As saving money becomes my routine, I would love to save more than to spend.

It is not difficult just to follow my own ‘PrSS’ rule, preparing myself, saving as a professional and saving habitually. This simple rule benefits me a hundred thousand while I am just a student. I am surely guaranteed of the outcome. If you think it is hard to believe, I dare you try!


I am a third year student in Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University.

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