Egg in freshwater VS saltwater

Egg in freshwater VS saltwater

This essay will show you a science magic. Have you ever noticed that the egg can float in the water? However it is not in the freshwater but the saltwater. If you want to do this experiment, it is not too hard, you just have an egg in the freshwater and add the salt into the water to make the saltwater. After that the egg will float automatically and you will be so surprised. By the way let’s see that how it works, this magic is about the density. You add the salt to increase the density of the water, according to the principle that “if the object’s density is less than the liquid’s, it will float, on the other hand it will sink because its density is more than the liquid’s. For example, the egg’s density is 5 and the freshwater’s density is just 1 so the egg will absolutely sink. However by adding the salt so the freshwater turns into the saltwater and its density is 10, the egg’s density cannot beat so it floats. In easier way to say it is just comparison that who will win against each other according to the number of their own density. Finally you can see that the science magic is absolutely around you.

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