Email vs Letter

Email vs Letter

Nowadays, our world is a globalization which means we can easily connect by the Internet. One of the current communication ways is an E-mail; on the contrary, a letter is a common way to communicate in the old days. However, there are many differences between an E-mail and a letter. Firstly, an E-mail is more convenient than a letter. We do not have to go to the post office or postbox instead we can sit at our home and send an E-mail to whomever we want to. Next, an E-mail is free of charge opposite to a letter which you have to stamp it. A letter must need a stamp before sending it and it charges you a little money. Furthermore, an E-mail is easier to edit if compare with a letter. We just press “Backspace” and it will automatically erase your wrong alphabets. Yet, in a letter you have to use correction fluid or eraser to erase them and it leaves the traces which make your letter looks dirty. Lastly, a letter is more valuable than an E-mail. For example, in previous days, a couple starts dating by sending a sweet love letter. They will feel the careness of the thoughtful words as the love letter allows them to describe the whole feeling towards each other by writing down warm meaningful words with their own handwriting. To sum up, both E-mail and letter are a communication way, but it is different time. Although an E-mail is more convenient, free of charge, and easier to edit than a letter, I still love a letter due to the fact that a letter is more valuable than an E-mail and it is also touchable.


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