Envy, the emotion that you should overcome

“Why mommy always praise my brother and my sister? That’s not fair”
“He never read any textbooks, why he’s got the better score than me?”
“Why that kind of ugly face can go out with the guy? I don’t understand”

Have you ever had these kinds of questions in your head? Why does he get better score than me? Why is she more beautiful than me? Why is she more important than me? Envy is one of the worst emotions that everyone should overcome it for your own happiness.

Everyone can be envy. It is an emotion that can be happened in anytime. Some peoples don’t accept that they are getting envy. They just think and say that everything is not fair for them. “You are such an envy person” nobody wants anyone talk something like this to you. It means that you are too childish to stand seeing other peoples get the better things than you. In the society’s point of view, if you envy, you will only be seen as a pitiful and ridiculous person. Although this negative feeling is actually the basic emotion of the human, we all are taught to keep this emotion inside. But I dare to accept my true feeling. I envy many peoples. I feel I am so stupid. I am not as smart as my friends. I want to be more important than someone. It is the worst feeling that hard to control. If I have to explain, it is not different from burning by the burning fire all the time.

Everyone can be envy. But, being envy is not happy. To overcome you envy, you should do this two special tips. First, please stop comparing yourself with the others. Comparing is the biggest obstacle to our happiness. Why do we need to fight all the time? Why do we need to rank our ability with the others? It is not necessary at all. Second, just accept the truth about yourselves. This tip is the most important thing. Please remember that nobody is perfect. Whenever you can accept the truth in 100 percent, you will forget what envy is.

Stop finding the reasons why the others are better than you, but overcome envy in your mind instead.

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