‘Everything’s Okay’

‘Everything’s Okay’


Why I do often cry or smile when I listen to the songs? This is a question that I always ask myself. One day, I found the answer of this question that song is more than music, melody, tones or lyrics, but song can be a good instrument or method to reflect feeling, thought, ideas or life. For me, There is one song that can take me to my part in the past. That song’s called ‘ Everything’s okay’ by Lenka.


            When I was 15, I was just an ordinary girl with ordinary life. My everyday was so simple until one day my life changed. I was diagnosed that I got a mental chronic disease, and many troubles came to my mind like the ocean waves. It was overwhelmed. I got gossip and bad words from people around me every day because they didn’t understand what I encountered. At that time, my mother was the only one person who truly understood and opened her mind for me. She tried to learn and understand what I got from that disease. Surely, I could pass through that bad time because of my mother.

Every time I listen to the song ‘Everything’s okay’, It takes me to the past and reminds me of my mother. This song talks about the girl who is struck in the bad time, and she needs someone to be her little sunshine to help her move on. The story in this song reflects the past of my life because I faced with many problems such as disease and stress from surrounding like the girl in the song. Fortunately, I found my sunshine, my mother. She is not only my sunshine, but also a source of my stamina. Every time I feel lonely and frustrated, talking with my mother and hearing her voice ‘ everything will be okay’ helps me to keep go ahead.

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            Now I live alone in Bangkok, it’s too far from my hometown and family. However, calling my mother everyday helps me a lot to move on. When I hear the song ‘Everything’s okay’ , I not only think about the bad time in my life, but I also think about the memorable time with my mother. I can touch the love from her. When she says that everything is okay, I trust and believe that everything will truly be okay.


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  1. Can I be your sunshine? I like simile in this story 😀

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