Experience of being a volunteer for blind students

Experience of being a volunteer for blind students

Have you ever wondered how the blind live their lives because it would be very hard living without a capability to see? Last year, I had a chance to be a volunteer at foundation for the blind in Thailand. It was the first time that I be a volunteer and it gave me new experience that couldn’t be earned easily .I and my friend volunteered ourselves to help blind students did their homework. Many blind students were studying in a school that have an inclusive education for children with special needs. They needed to do homework like other normal students.

English homework was not very difficult. I could help them easily by just read each questions, waited for them to answer and wrote their answers down. Sometimes that there was a new word, I had to spell  each word for them to remember. After finishing English homework, another one was math! The homework was about the similar triangles. At that time I didn’t know how to describe what is a triangle to them and how the triangle become similar to each other. I tried so hard to explain but they couldn’t figure out what it was. One girl told me that it was okay that I couldn’t make them understand and they would ask another volunteer on the next day.

Another student asked me to help them prepared himself for the next day presentation. It was an astronomy presentation which have many specified names in the content. I thought about when I  prepared for a presentation, I could just read the content and  wrote my script of what I should say. However, that student needed a lot more attempt. He had to remember what he needed to say by listening to me reading the content out loud. I had to think of the easiest way to use word to make him remember it well because there wasn’t anyone to help him again after I left.

After becoming a volunteer, I see that there are many people struggle to spend their lives even it was so hard to do. It encouraged me to satisfy with myself and live my life happily. Lastly,if you have a free time, I suggest you to volunteer yourself for the blind once in your lifetime.

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  1. I like the honesty of your writing, Jew: the successes and failures. It seems you, through your intimate experience and resulting empathy for others, have gained more self-confidence. This seems ironic at first, then totally logical as we think about it.

    Thank you for sharing your experience in such a nice way.


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