Facts about dreams

Facts about dreams

Have you ever dreamed about failing from the height or running and running, and realize that you are not getting anywhere? How did your dream go? The end of your dream is when you wake up and cannot remember what you dreamed. I will tell you some facts about dreams that you never knew.

Some studies imply that a different gender makes a different kind of dream. In women’s dreams, it will appear many people they know in their lives and more concern with personal appearance. Women will have longer dreams with more feeling and colors to express feelings. On the other hand, men’s dreams tend to have more men and mostly about complex situation or competition. Man also usually dreams about sexual things more than the woman’s dream.

We can dream about the same thing, same place or same situation over and over. In Thail culture, if you have a sweet dream but you wake up at night, you have to turn the pillow upside down and go to sleep again. It is believed that you will dream about that story again.

So why do we dream? A dream is images, thoughts and emotions that are experienced during sleep. The things you are afraid of during the daytime often turn up again in a dream. For example, if you’re very worried about presentation in an English subject, you tend to dream about it at night and most  worrying dreams will be  nightmares5.

Moreover, do you know that you can control your dreams? If you can go hanging out with your favorite star, how awesome is it?! And if you can try present a project before the deadline, how  perfect will the score be?! This controlling dream is called a “Lucid Dream.” Lucid dreams involve dreaming while knowing that you are dreaming. In Lucid Dreams, we can remember waking life, acknowledge that we are in a dream, and in some cases, you can control the dream, too. You have to focus and concentrate on what you are dreaming about by not waking up. So it is not easy that everyone can do it.

Like I have told you, the dream can be made. You can design your dream and control it. So if you’re a man but you want to dream like a girl’s dream, you could try Lucid Dream. However, don’t forget that a dream is just a dream. A dream is an abstract but you can make it to be concrete. Just only do it. Your dream will be come true.

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