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How Lucky You Are To Have ‘Mom’


The older you grow, the more you will realise that your mom is the best special gift you ever had. Of course, she may not be the perfect one, but she always does her best for her children as possible as she can do. She thinks of you as the first priority whenever she eats, buys some foods or anything. ... Read More »

The Secret Reading Place


          As you know congested place like Bangkok, most of students need some place to read books; especially, during the examination week. In general, people paid much money on food and beverages in order to take a seat for working and studying. Furthermore, some wake up too early so that they can reserve the seats in ... Read More »

Chloe’s Trail


I love to write; and so I wrote. I love how you are, and whom you may flower into; so I wrote about you. I was thinking about the things I truly love to do. Not ‘love’ in the casual sense of the word that gets bantered about 20 times a day to describe affection for such things as pizza ... Read More »

Creamery Ice Cream Shop

Screen Shot 2558-10-29 at 4.20.52 AM

Are you an ice-cream lover? Yes, I am!  I am the fan of ice cream. I like to wander around to search and enjoy ice cream. There are many interesting ice cream shops near Chulalongkorn university, but I totally recommend this one. I found the interesting home-made ice cream shop near my dormitory. It is called Creamery Boutique Ice Creams. ... Read More »

Stairway to Heaven

1346795773_Stairway To Heaven

One phrase I remembered from a professor at my teachers’ colleges was, “students catch more than they are taught.” By this he meant that while every lesson, unit, course, and school-wide learning plan has codified (written down) objectives, there is always extra unintended learning by students who are very observant and pick up much more than we teachers consciously put ... Read More »

Why Brown is Better

liu wen

Brown is beautiful. And not just for skin; some of the best things in the universe are brown. Just think of all the gorgeous, delicious, happy things we love that are brown; brownies (duh!), chocolate, almonds, the fertile Earth, those deep gold-brown eyes that you can get lost in (I’m talking to you, Sarah), my favorite wool sweater, brown sugar ... Read More »