Fight song

Fight song

All songs have some messages to communicate listeners and many songs can impact or change people’s life. I listen to music every day and I usually choose the songs which can express my feeling in each day or can inspire me when I feel bad even when I am happy. Therefore, the songs can reflect people’s life, especially my life. It is “Fight song” by Rachel Platten which can express my life now.

First, its lyrics tell me that I have to fight although I have passed the worst thing in my life. I have known this song almost a year now. I listen to this song when I felt bad. I used to be disappointed, hopeless, and depressed about love. That time, I was like a stupid girl who lived from day to day feeling like I had no one but in fact, I just lose only person whom I used to care about. Every day was grey feeling in pain everywhere I went. I was addicted to sadness which almost ruins my life. “Time could help” That was the word from my best friend around in my head. I had no idea how it could help. I had spent almost a year to forget all those disappointing things. Today, I believe her. I am stronger and I am ready to fight for my better life as the lyrics in “Fight song”.

Moreover, the rhythm also reflects my life since it is stimulating like the drum make my heart beats and explodes. It makes me feel like I am standing in the middle of the fire dancing around me with the power of light and heat. I feel more confident and stronger. When the rhythm begins, I feel like “Yes, It’s me. I come back with the new me”. I imagine I am walking through the door opened and the sun shines bright in me.  At the moment the hook start, I feel like all my powers turned on and I have a lot of fight left in me to fight in the rest of my life.

This song,” Fight song”, really reflects my life. At the same time, it inspires me every time I listen to. Now, I believe in the power of music. We can listen to any kinds of music that we like, find and feel the meanings. Lastly, “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that cannot remain silent”, Victor Hugo.


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