Film review: The best of me

Film review: The best of me

“The best of me” is the lasted movie that I’ve watched. As I saw ‘A Nicolas Sparks production’ on a screen, I thought that I would cry at the end of the movie for sure. And of cause I did. The movie was very touching and tearful ending as others Sparks’ films. On the contrary, it was ‘typically sparks’ which means you can highly predict what was coming next through the film. Although the film was predictable, I really enjoyed it.


The story was about Dawson and Amanda who fell in love with each other. They eventually went in their separate ways. Because of their good old friend’s dead, they were reunited after 20 years apart. When they met each other, they realized that they still loved each other. However, they had to make a hard decision that they would be together or not. Don’t worry! I won’t tell you how the story ends but I’m sure that you will know how it ends after you watch half of it. The movie weaved back and forth between the present time and past 20 years which gradually made me heart-warmed. Moreover, the main stars especially Gerald McRaney had great performances.


Because of its cliché, I was quite disappoint about its plot. Despite its beyond prediction, I found this movie was very entertaining. But if you are not his fan, I recommend you to wait to watch it in DVD instead of in theater.

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