Fix You

Fix You

I believe that all of us have our own favorite songs which we never get bored of even though we have listened to it a hundred times. Those songs do not have to be popular to many people or one of top 100 songs in Billboard Hot Chart. Our favorite songs may just remind us of something, someone or some parts in our life. For me, ‘Fix you’ by Coldplay is such a song.

‘Fix you’ by Coldplay became one of my favorite songs since the first time I heard it. Not only are the lyrics touching, but this song is also based on Chris Martin’s beautiful love story. He composed ‘Fix you’ for comforting his girlfriend after she lost her father. At that moment, Martin kept asking her many times what he could do for her when she was crying, but she just told him to hold her because Martin was the only thing that can fix her at that time. His inspiration on ‘Fix you’ is something I really appreciate.

Every time I hear this song, the picture of me and my grandfather will always come up in my mind. We are very close to each other. I find myself really lucky for having him in every important part of my life. He makes me realize that he will always be beside me no matter what happens. I still remember how hard he tried to cheer me up when I felt down. I am sure that although I have to lose everything, he will still be the one who never leaves me. If I feel broken, I know he can fix me as he did as always.

As the songs can reflect a part of our life, ‘Fix you’ makes me think of everything and every moment that I have been through with my grandfather. It is not only the favorite song in my playlist, but it also becomes the song telling the story of me and my grandfather.


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  1. My favorite song too!
    This is such a cute story.

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