Food Review: Budae Jijgae

Food Review: Budae Jijgae

Eating is my all-time favorite activity. I usually travel around my town and try new delicious restaurants. Recently, I went to Korean restaurant named ‘Budae Jijgae by Kimju’. And I found that this restaurant is one of the best Korean restaurants in Thailand that you should not miss.


Some of you may wonder what Budae Jijgae is. BudaeJijgae is Korean spicy soup which has originated after the Korean wars; between North and South Korea. In the soup you will find sausage, ham, Korean noodles called Ramyon and Tok-bok-ki, vegetable, and Kimchi.


‘Budae Jijgae by Kimju’ is an all-you-can-eat restaurant which is located in the 5th floor at Siam Square 1 building. As my friend and I walked in and settled down at a table, waiter brought us a big pot contained all of the ingredients of Budae Jijgae soup which I already mentioned before. The restaurant also provides others ingredients for customers to put in their pots. There are 4 more counters. The first one is meat counter. There are many fresh and good quality raw meat such as beef, pork, chicken, shrimp and so on. I really recommended you trying shrimp because of its fresh and sweetness. Next to the meat counter is vegetable counter.For the veggies lover you will enjoy picking up fresh, rooted and green vegetable like carrot, cabbage, mushroom and onion. And the special-dish-of-the-day-counter is opposite the veg counter. In this counter you can find Korean foods which are produced daily. On the day I went, there were sesame-chicken and veggies stirred with Kimchi. The last counter is noodle counter. They provide you four types of noodle, two of them are Korean-style noodles called Ramyon and Tok-bok-ki respectively, macaroni and Shirataki noodle.




All I mentioned above is what you can eat within an hours and a half. The price is acceptable which cost 318 baht and it’s also included drink. I do recommend you to try this restaurant because of not only good quality ingredients but also a delicious taste. Even if you are Korean food fan or not, you will enjoy the food for sure!



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