For than fun from my beloved fantasy book.

Finding a comfortable place to read a nice book is a wonderful thing I wish to. I am a book lover. I spend most of free time with reading books, especially fantasy novel. Some people might said novels give nothing but only enjoyment but I personally believe novels create imagination and  provide readers some new ideas or  new viewpoints. For example, My favorite fantasy novels series is  “Calendar Castle”. The story is about people and gods who lives together in the same castle. They have to do mission by finds four keys following the mysterious clues to save their life. There are eight main characters which are four gods and four ordinary people. There are three different characters which I considered to be my idol. First, Summer Calendar, she is a perfect girl who has confidence. Her thought always surprise me all the time. She always said people fear because they do not know what they will be faced with when they start to do new things. She teaches me to be confident to start doing new things. Second, Spring Calendar is quite foolish, but frank girl. Although she is not clever like the others, she never blames her fate. She always try her best to do everything, and finally she always get a wonderful result. She teaches me to determine in doing everything, never give up. The last character is Rainna Calendar. She is my most impressive character. She was hurt from loving a guy who does not love her and blames him that he is the cause that makes her hurt. She tries to revenge that guy by getting rid of everyone whom the guy loves.  But, finally she realizes that she still hurt because of herself that does not know how to forgive. She teaches me to love myself before loving others. Those are all the ideas which I got from this book. I don’t read it only for fun but I always get the ideas or points which I could apply to use in my dairy life.

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  1. Calendar Castle ;D
    I haven’t read it yet, but will try soon. Love the writer. <3

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