The power of friendship

The power of friendship

I think friends have the most important influence on young adults because of time and understanding. Adult students spend most of their time with friends. They study at school at least six hours a day and also do a lot of activities together.  With all of this exposure, it is easy to see how friends may influence and even change each other to become a new person. For example, if  most of  an adult student’s friends are diligent,  he or she will likely be diligent too. Even if that adult used to be lazy, when he or she groups with diligent friends, this diligence will spread like a great, welcome virus.

Another reason why friends  have such a strong influence is that adults need to have someone who truly understands them. Some parents don’t have enough time to take care of their children, and sometimes they don’t even know what their children really want. Therefore, adults always rely on their friends. They always feel free and safe to share their secrets. They often ask each other for advice. If their friends are good enough to give good and useful advice, it will benefit  the adult. On the other hand, if their friends aren’t good enough, it is bad for them. Friendship is  very important for young adults; if they have  good friends, they will influence each other in hopefully positive ways to live their life with happiness.


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  1. I agree that friendships can be powerful. In fact, for people who have less than a good family situation, friends are life savers. We can’t chose our family, but we can choose our friends. And this makes them special and priceless. Cheers!

  2. I couldn’t agree more about your opinion about friendship. In my opinion, having a good friend is much better than many deceitful friends.

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