Get to know instagram .

Get to know instagram .


‘ Instagram ‘ is an online mobile photo-video sharing,and social networking application which allow worldwide people to take and upload pictures or video to the social users. In 2010, Instagram is considered as one of the most popular mobile photo apps which has the most users .In this application

On Instagram, we can follow other users’ photo  as they post them and we can be followed back by other users as well. Using the “Profile” icon appears on the lower menu of the Instagram screen, we can search for friends by name or find friends that are already connected to us on other social networks like Facebook or Twitter. When we decide to follow a user, that user’s Instagram photos will appear in our feed, which can be found under the “Feed” icon on the lower menu. In addition,we can press “Like” on any photo to let someone know that we admire their photography, or we can also leave a comment below their pictures.What’s more interesting about instagram is its 11 different filters .We can use to up the interest of our pics. Even boring photos can look amazing with some of these filters.

These are just the simple features of Instagram. If you try using it,  i’m sure that you guys would realize how addictive it is. For me, the reason why I love instagram is that i’m kind of girl who adores taking photos.Wherever I go, I never forget to take some snapshots and upload it through my instagram. It’s such a part of my life that i can’t go one day without.

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