Golden leaf

Golden leaf


As we all know that in Thailand, we believe in good signs or mostly rely on believe that being taught trough time. Since most of the people were being raised in buddhist family, we have a lot of believes and symbols to rely on.
One of the believes that we accept is symbolic things that have a good meaning. Golden leaf is one of good examples. This plant has been given to H.R.H. Princess Sirindhorn as a present and then being sent to the Laboratory in Denmark. Finally has been named Bauthinia aureifolia by Professor Kai Larsen,the botanist of Netherlands. This plant is a heart-shaped leaf which has three colours in the same tree. Three colours are consist of Gold, Bronze and Red gold. This plant’s leaf represent power, wealth, happiness and loves. Apart from the believe in the meaning of colours, some people also believe in the symbolic that it represent, bringing good things to the beholder.
All the good signs that being mentioned earlier, this plant is now popular and being sold as a meaningful souvenir for the beloved ones. If you wish to buy a souvenir that will bring the good things to the receiver or make their the business or working growing, this golden leaf is the perfect choice.

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