Good friend    Good luck    Good life

Good friend Good luck Good life


People today are becoming so selfish because of many transitions and changes in a society. It is very difficult to call anybody the best friend because everybody tries to exploit others. The people whom we regard as our best friends often prove otherwise. True friends have become as rare as a blue moon. A search for them is bound to fail. However, if there is somebody whom we can call our friend, we are lucky. So, I am a very lucky girl because I have two groups of good friends in my life.

The first group is called twelve beauty girls. There are  Noey Beer Fai Chompoo Meihling Tarn Tine Ja Peung Ked Nest and me. We used to study together in high school at Nareerat School Phrae. Each of us has a different characteristic. Noey  is beauty-loving. Beer is reasonable, Fai is intelligent, Chompoo is kind, Meihling is quiet, Tarn is generous, Tine is active, Ja is optimistic, Peung is funny, Ked is obedient.. Nest is friendly, and I am talkative. We are very happy when we spend time together. Last three years, we went to canteen and enjoyed eating together. Every Saturday we went to the mall watching movies together. Moreover, we always reviewed the lesson together after doing homework. Sometimes one of my friends had a problem. We were willing to give her suggestion and never left her alone. At this moment we are studying in the different university, but we always visit each other in free time and still take care of us all the time.

The second group is the group of my friends in Chula. Someone said to me, there are no true friends in the university. I disagree with them because I found that there are many true friends in Chula, especially in the Faculty of Education. Most people believe that we have just one best friend in each time of life because of the word “the best”. I don’t believe it, because I have more than one best friend right now. Noo, Lookpla, Bowmee, Modtanoy, Pammy, Om, Nadear, Tae and Pin are my best friends. I cannot find the reason why I call them my best friends. I know just when I stay with them, I feel good. We always enjoy eating, shopping and singing together. We help each other doing a lot of homework and projects. Before having midterm and final tests, we will review the lesson together. Moreover, we always care each other in every time. Last month, while there were lots of homework and exams, I had a problem about family. Thus, I want to do nothing but sleep in order that I will not face the truth. Just one day that I did not go to the university, the hope came back and my life was changed. I just know that apart from my parents, I have special people who are always care of me. Twenty missed calls on my screen phone and thirteen messages in my Facebook inbox cause me feel better. One of them went to my bedroom and left a note on my bed. One video called with me from Germany. And some visited me and asked me to enjoy eating cake together. I never know how much they love me since that day.

There are many important things in human life such as family, house, car, money, happiness and health. Today I learn that one of the most important things in my life that makes me a lucky girl is to have good friends who always take care of me and be with me forever.



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