Hard time in my life …

Hard time in my life …



                                    My hard time came when I had to prepare myself for the entrance examination 3 years ago. Being a first year student in high school, I felt so excited and I did not think much about the entrance yet. This was the year of making new friends, doing everything that I wanted, playing sports, studying and so on. There were many interesting activities to do at that time so I decided to spend a lot of time with those activities especially sport. Although I did a lot of activities, I also studied in the tutoring school.  Time passed so quickly, it was a second year and I thought it was time to pay more attention on the upcoming entrance. I began reading more textbooks and I tried to learn more vocabularies by reciting them. Repeated many times, vocabularies were automatically kept in mind. Not only English textbooks that I read, but also other subjects such as social study, mathematics and science. The last year came and I felt so excited again. Having stopped reading the books, I began doing the recently test. I realized that the more I did the test, the more I could do the next one. Reading textbooks and doing the previous test finally gave me an opportunity to study at the university where I desired. These 3 years preparing for the entrance in high school will be my memorable time forever, although it was a hard time.


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  1. When the hard times lead to success, we always look back on them and smile. Welcome to university! Now, for your next life challenge….


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