HOPE: Mythology in Reality

HOPE: Mythology in Reality

          Once, in the Greek mythology, Zeus, the king of all gods, was furious with the human and decided to revenge on them. Thus, he created a beautiful maiden and named her ‘Pandora’, believing that she would bring all troubles to the mankind. Pandora was the first woman existing on the earth. Cunning Zeus gave her a mysterious box of gifts, but forbade her from ever opening it. However, secret is always tempting and the woman’s curiosity seems to be inevitable. Pandora eventually uncovered the box. Suddenly, all spirits that Zeus kept inside came rushing and flooding out of the box. Good spirits quickly left the world and hurried back to Olympus while all evil spirits headed down on earth, ready to punish human. There came the Spirits of Pain, Misery, War, Illness, and even Death.

          With all those wicked immortals around, living on earth should have been a disaster. Yet, there was one spirit remaining in the box. He was Elpis, the Spirit of Hope. Some say that only he denied leaving. But some say Pandora just shut the box before he could escape. In the legends, some say Hope is the best gift given to mankind while others say Hope is just malicious. In reality, hope also affects us in both negative and positive ways.

In the bad way, hope could bring us pain and disappointment. When you wish for something to happen and it doesn’t come true, you feel disappointed. It is unfortunate that he world is full of obstacles and difficulties. Only having hope cannot lead you through. Supposed that human could fly, I would say that hoping is like flying. Imagine that you have a pairs of wings spreading behind your back. All you want to do is to flutter them and fly freely in the sky. And once you enjoy flying, you will keep flying up higher and higher without considering about your limit and strength. That is risky. The higher you go, the harder you fall. Likewise, the more you hope, the more pain you will get.

Now, imagine you see the light appearing in front of you when you are lost in the midst of the wood and surrounded by the dark of the night. Imagine many little cold raindrops falling when you are left alone, wandering aimlessly in the dry and deserted land. In the good way, this is what hope is like. Hope gives us a sort of happy and wishful thoughts. It promises us the possibility of the better future. It reminds us that, maybe, if we just take a little more steps forwards, we will be able to stand at the place our destination lies.

I realize that Pandora’s box symbolizes human’s heart. At the bottom of the box remained Elpis, the Spirit of Hope. In the deepest part of the heart lived our dearest hope. What we cannot deny is that no matter in what way it affects us, hope keeps us alive. We are allowed to make a wish only when we believe there is tomorrow waiting ahead of us. Still, letting ourselves to hope too much and facing disappointment at the end is painful. But it is because we can feel the pain, it is proved that we are still breathing.


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