How can social network become the fifth requisite

How can social network become the fifth requisite

In the history, there are only 4 fundamental requisites required for human beings which are food, shelter, medicine, and air but for nowadays this fact has already changed.Humans need more factor to survive and the most important required factor is technology and social network.

How can social network become the fifth requisite for man? The answers are various depend on the view of each person but one of the prominent answers must absolutely be convenience. Social network can act as shorten machine which makes distance seems insignificant anymore. It makes communication between people across the world much more comfortable and pleasant. You can contact with your parties anywhere and anytime you wish without worrying about the difference of time zones. Moreover, there are many distinct ways for you to choose for your communication such as facebook, twitter, or even line. People also seek for better living standards by having high education and fine jobs and social network can response your need by acting as the world’s largest library. It helps you widen your views and thoughts by perceiving and experiencing new knowledges and information. Google and yahoo are top websites that are mostly used for searching everything you would like to know and sometimes you may find something that you have never imagined about it before.

As you can mention from the above, there are many reasons why new generation have to rely on technology and social network and how social network affects our living. Regardless of how you live or how simple you are, you can’t avoid depending on these new essential factors because technology and social network have already become a part of your lives. At last ,it’s good effects or it’s bad effects. It is up to the users of social networking to decide how they want social networking to affect society.



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