How important “Understanding” is


Everybody needs love. We need love from families and friends. But, just the love, is that enough for all of us? I love my grandmother so much. I love her more than anybody in this world and I know that deep inside she loves me the most. When I was in high school, we argued a lot almost every day. We love each other but why did we fight a lot? Whenever we had a fight, we shouted aggressively. It felt like we came from the different worlds and we spoke the different language. I didn’t understand my grandma and she didn’t understand what I wanted. When time goes by, I’m sick of arguing so I’d tried to figure it out. Then I realized this is because we never listen to each other. We never tried to understand. I can tell you that apart from love, we also need understanding from their surrounding people. Someone said that understanding is like a glass. It depends on what type of glasses that you pick up to take a look. If you pick a mirror glass, you will see only your own shadow reflecting from the mirror. You only think and see things from your own side so it is impossible for you to get into the heart of the person on the other side. In contrast, if you choose a clear glass, you can look through to the other side. You will see things in a different way. Then you can understand the person who is right in front of you better. I tried to use the clear glass with my grandmother. I started to listen to her instead of shouting incessantly and she did the same thing as me. Then the situation got better in time. We started to understand each other. We’d learned to accept the differences of each other little by little, and we adapted ourselves to live happily together. After getting through the hard time, I could feel that our love was stronger than before. From time to time I have learned that love keeps us alive but understanding keeps our love strong and last long.


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