How smart phones effect our lives.

How smart phones effect our lives.

Nowadays, smart phone is very important for most people. Without smart phones, our life would be much harder. However, using a smart phone can cause some bad effects on you.

First, smart phones can reduce the time that we can spent on other things. Since you’re spending much of your time on the phone, it can lead you to have less activities with your friends and family. This will effect to the relationships between you and other people. Moreover, you might probably loss some good chance to review your lessons, playing some sports, or even hanging out with your friends. The next thing is that smart phones cost lots of money on its facilities. The convenience that you get from using smart phones requires some great amount of money such as internet or games. Sometimes it’s too much for you to spend that much money on those unnecessary things. If you’re a student that still asking money from your parents, you’ll need to think twice before buying those wasted stuffs. Lastly, the smart phones might have shorten your memories. By using smart phone, it is easy to find some new information about many things. Sometimes you won’t have think of the answers of some easy questions because you can find it in Google or Wikipedia. In long term, it could make you to remember less information about some easy things like the populations of your country or even the name of your own president.

As I’ve suggested above, smart phones cause some bad habits on many people so, everyone should beware of using them.

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