How to Deal with Your Annoying Roommate

How to Deal with Your Annoying Roommate


Once in our college lives, it is important that we take part in our university’s communities such as after-school clubs, college’s occasional festivals, sports groups, etc. Joining several activities not only helps us get to know more friends from the different faculties, but also helps us know how to blend ourselves into a various kinds of environments. Some students choose to stay in the college’s dormitory so that they can conveniently go to study and enjoy school’s activities as many as they want. Being curious about how my life would be when I could stay far from home, I immediately applied for Chulalongkorn’s dormitory, after I was accepted to study here. However, my life is not as easy as I imagined when I have to wake up next to a stranger and share my privacy with her. In order to live with her peacefully, spotting my personal area and talking my guts out are the most effective ways I choose to deal with my roommate.


Every time I step into my room, I indirectly specify my privacy border by not getting too close to her. When she starts acting as if she is at her home, such as talking too much or singing in the shower while I need to concentrate on my work, I choose to keep quiet to show her that I am not in the same mood. As a result, she knows her place, and stops making noises. Seeing that we have been living in our own areas, we do not mess up with the other’s life. I believe in the theory stating that ‘treat others like you want to be treated’, so I decided to show my personal area first because I love to be in my own world and do not want others to bother me. This way can effectively prevent misunderstanding and offensive argument due to the personal differences.


Another way – one that is commonly recommended- is making a clean breast of everything. To make a mutual understanding of staying together, I and my roommate set one most important rule which is to sincerely talk to each other if we feel uncomfortable with the other’s demeanors and we want them to be improved. At first, I admitted that it was too awkward to say what I want directly to someone I was not familiar with, but finally I could get over with this problem. After the honest talks, I and my roommate end up solving every trouble in a more friendly way. Moreover, the more we talk, the fewer problems seem to occur.


Studying to get pleasant grades is important, but adjusting yourself to live with other people in college’s society is also unavoidable, as you cannot survive by doing everything alone on this complicated path. Normally, people come with disordered circumstances, but the point is that you know how to react and live with others peacefully. For anyone who lives in the college’s dormitory, creating your privacy area and honestly talking to your roommate are possibly the most efficient ways to overcome all of the problems generally happened in your own room. There is always a good reason of meeting new people, so keep enlarging your circle of friends.


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