How to enter a Japanese public bath correctly?

Being naked and taking a bath with strangers in a Japanese public bath is common in Japan. But for other countries, it do not. I have found that this Japanese culture is interesting. So, I really want to share this knowledge with you.

First, before you go to a Japanese public bath (or we called “Sentou” in Japanese), you must prepare your own soap and shampoo.When you are ready, walk inside the shop and you will see a person called bandaisan,


You have to pay her money around 150-300 yen before get inside the place of sentou. Don’t forget! Walk in the area of your gender. Men have to go into the blue one and women in the red or pink one.



Second, you will see this area.


So you have to put all your belongings in your basket. Don’t afraid that you will lost them because it rarely to have a thief in the sentou.

The third step is the most important steps. In sentou, bringing any clothes, even your small hand towel is not allowed. So take off all your clothes.

Then, walk in the bathroom.

Before entering into the bath, sit on the small stools and clean your hair and your body carefully.

Next, you can enter into the water right now. But, 10 minutes is enough. If you stay in the 40 degrees water too long, you will get fainted in the water and it must be not good for sure if you are helped when you are still naked and the last one is optional for you.  In the Japanese tradition after entering the sentou, you have to drink something. So, you can go to the vending machine and choose your favorite drinks.


If you have a chance to go to sentou someday, don’t let baring scare you away from enjoying one of Japan’s nicest experiences. Life is too short to ashamed of your body. Nudity is natural and nobody in Japan cares what you look like.

When in Rome, do like the Romans do. “There’s nothing to be worried about!”



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