How to Get Over a Break Up

How to Get Over a Break Up

To split up with your partner happens when you find yourself no longer have a fondness for each other and then decide to break off the love connection. The loss of relationship tends to brings you on a tough time, intense stress, and sadness. Most broken-hearted people finally come up with anger and hatred toward their Exs. But to keep mourning about the recent break up repeatedly for long time is like stabbing on the same wound in your heart and it may take long time to recover. However, I have 3 following rules telling you what should and should not do to get over a break up in an effective way.

The first rule is you should not rethink your decision. From my view, recycling only a good memory with your partner may cause you to forget why you broke it off and convince yourself to believe that the worst part of the relationship was not so bad. So, please keeping your space and time to consider everything thoroughly, and then removing all memory triggers away from your sight. You should better not deceive yourself. Accept the truth and move on.

The second rule is dealing with hatred and anger. Sometimes, you just want to scream out and destroy everything in front of you to calm yourself down just for a minute. You may even feel a lot of anger to yourself. Having your feelings in control and not wasting more time on something that you have no longer power to change are the best way to cope with the pain appropriately.  There are so many things you can do without using much energy and emotion which will soon replace bad feelings in your mind.

The last rule is being a new you. In my term of being a brand new you is changing your attitude towards the situation from inside out. This means you may consider about ending relationship as a new start. Keeping busy by spending a good quality time with your supportive family and good friends will help you see yourself as a worthy person and get steady on your feet in the circumstance.

In conclusion, no matter how hard the break up is, the important things to keep in your mind are these 3 rules to help you recover from the pain and even increase your self-esteem. Once you are ready, you need to forgive him/her who hurt you and move forward for new things in your life with a healthy heart.


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  1. Great advice! We have a saying in English, “Time heals all wounds.”


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