How to get rid of tiredness


Do you have these behaviors? Sometimes you can’t concentrate on studying and you don’t want to learn anymore. Sometimes you don’t want to get up in the morning, but want to lay down on your bed instead. Sometimes you want to be alone and separate from your group. Sometimes you are tired of a plentiful homework and have finished it with not as well as you expected. Sometimes you can’t control your moody, enraged or furious emotion and do some bad habits to your friends. If you have more than three of these behaviors, you should be worried about yourself. These five behaviors mentioned above are the signal of tiredness.

Tiredness is an emotion but not a disease. You will feel no energy, lack of motivation or physical and mental exhaustion which caused by working hard, lack of sleep or over exercise that can affect your studying and social life.

Although tiredness is one of the major causes of reducing the efficiency in studying. It can be gotten rid of by following these steps.

First, you had better sleep at least 6-8 hours a day and avoid these activities before going to bed, such as watching television, reading books or turning the light on while  you are sleeping because the light will disturb your sleeping.

Second, you had better drink 8 glasses of water a day because water helps your body organism work well and makes you fresh.

Third is doing exercise. When you exercise your body will release endorphin which can reduce your tiredness and make you happy.

Fourth, you had better not drink caffeine such as tea, coffee or soft drink because caffeine causes the insomnia.

Fifth, you had better eat more protein at lunch time and eat less carbohydrate at dinner time because protein has tryptophan that can reduce serotonin which makes you stressed.

Sixth is having a shower. If you take a shower before going to bed, it does not only make you feel fresh and easily sleep, but also reduces the tiredness.

Although there are many ways to help you to get rid of the tiredness, having enough sleep is the best way. If you have enough hours of sleeping, you will get up in the next morning with fresh and vigorous. Then you will have more energy to do all works and activities all day and week.

As the psychologist said, compare our bodies to mobile phones, sleeping is like charging the battery. It will work well if it is full of battery and it will hang if its battery is run out.  You can choose what you want to be; a powerful phone or a nearly dead phone.


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