How to Write & Publish Posts

How to Write & Publish Posts

After you register, log in, and have your site account upgraded from the default to “author” by the website admins, you can start to write and publish posts. It isn’t hard if you follow some simple steps.


1. NEW POSTS: You can make a new post by clicking at POSTS on your left menu when you’re in your administration page. And then select ADD NEW. *Poof* : Here is your writing tool waiting for you, dear writer.

Enter your post’s title in the box “ENTER TITLE HERE”; duh!. And then create your “story” in the wide section field below it.


New post


Keep in mind that you can get faster access to make a new post by using  the black bar at the top of the page. Click +NEW and then POST.


New post by bar


2. Making a Rough Draft:  It can be handy (useful) to make a quick draft in order  to write down something’s cool before it slips away from your memory. to get slipped away.  Believe me, this happens a lot.  You can always come back later and do the editing or decoration. Click UPDATE (right menu) to save all your new work.

Quick draft


3.Choose a category: Every post needs a category (right side menu) so that it will be published in the right spot on the website. Choose John’s Student Blog category for your basic blog writing.

4. Publish your post: After you finish your post you can publish it to the web universe by clicking…..PUBLISH (for first time work) or UPDATE (when you edit your work.

Those are the basics! Now, let’s look at some more details, including how to add a picture.



VISUAL VS TEXT MODES: Now that you might be wondering what are those two tabs are popping up on the right side of the editor. They are writing modes, divided to VISUAL and TEXT.
Visual and Text




VISUAL mode is the common easiest way to write and edit your work. It works like WORDS PROCESSING APPLICATION (MS Words, Google Docs).

But if you want to edit more of your styling with your computer skills magic, switch to TEXT mode.



Now we’re on the tech mode “TEXT“, which allows you to do more customization to your post.

As you can see from the example figure above:

This is a sentence.” text is now showing in “web code” style as “<strong>This is a sentence !</strong>“. If you know something technical like HTML or CSS, you can do your magic here.


CATEGORIES: And when you finished a post, don’t forget that you need to put it (assign it) in an appropriate category; like you put goods into each sections in a supermarket. Remember,  John’s blog students,  will normally assign their posts to the “John’s Student Blogs” category.




TAGS: And it is also a good guide for readers to give your post an appropriate tag or two. It is like you have made a beautiful handmade product and you put a label on it. Let your customers know about your product : )




IMAGES: In newspapers, we see highlight photos. In our community, we see FEATURED IMAGEs. Use them to helps your post being showed up to the reader with some guiding ideas.


Find the section below TAGS. And click SET FEATURED IMAGE.



Featured Image

The SET FEATURED IMAGE box will appear. You can either upload a new photo by just drag your photo in your PC to the upload box or use existing ones by your previous uploads by clicking at MEDIA LIBRARY next to upload files section.


Featured Image 1


It is easy like that; drag and drop. All is set. Good to go.


Featured Image 2


The last wrap before letting your story be out in the wild is to set your DISPLAY in the POST HEAD OPTIONS section. This is to set the proper styling to your post. For example, if you have a YouTube video posted, “VIDEO” then should be selected in the list below.


Display Options


Now. It’s time.

Go ahead and hit that sky-blue PUBLISH button to let your story be broadcasted to world-wide.





Write with all the power mama gave you!

— Said Santa.

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