How to Register with

How to Register with

To join our CU community, just follow the few steps of registration below:


1) Register: Look at the right column of the Chulawired web page and find the “LOGIN” box. From here, you can REGISTER (or simply LOG IN if you already have an account).

Log in / registration box at main page.

Then you will be brought to a box which will ask for a couple of your registration info. Those are USERNAME and EMAIL. Fill out, and kindly solve the little math problem (no calculators!) in order to verify the registration. Then  hit that sky-blue REGISTER button !

Registration form


The registration is almost successfully done.

2) Confirm your email: Please now head to your inbox for the email account you just used to register!

Confirm registration


In your email inbox you will receive some text similar to the example below. Click on the link ( and then you will be returned to the Chulawired site to the  real log in page. The fun is about to get started.


Registration notification email

3) Login: Here we are at the login box.


And again, solve our little math issue to validate yourself.

And it LOG IN.


Login form


4) Make your Profile: Now that you’re logged in, you can see that the login box will change its face to something like the example below. Now you can go to your WordPress DASHBOARD to start your “story” and/or go to YOUR PROFILE to edit your personal information.

Of course, you can log out from here, too.

You're logged in

There is another quick point which allow you to access your profile. It is located on the top bar near the search icon.

When you're logged in.

5) Start Writing Posts: Before you can start writing/publishing a blog/posts, the website manager must change your account from the default “basic” to “author.” If this isn’t done quickly, please send an email (contact us page) identifying yourself (name, student number, faculty, course) asking for your account to be upgraded to “author.”  After you are upgraded, you can go to the How To Write & Publish Posts area to learn how to make and publish  new Posts.

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