How to train ‘Toothless’ as a pet



As you know, Toothless is a dragon that appears in the Animation Movie, How to Train Your Dragon. It is Night Fury which is one of the most powerful dragons and is the rarest dragon known. It was described as the “Unholy Offspring of Lightning and Death Itself”.

Although its appearance looks awful, it is the smartest dragon.

After Hiccup captured Toothless, he fed it. He named it and he also trained it as well. You can see that it is as tamed as a dog. From the movie, Hiccup trained his dragon to be tamed by three steps.

From the start, Hiccup invented the weapon to hit a dragon.

One night, the dragons came to his town. He aimed his weapon to the sky and hit a dragon. The dragon went deep in the wood. He followed and found a wounded dragon. He prepared to kill it at first, but with his kind-hearted, he didn’t.

When he looked into its eyes, he could feel the bond between them. He freed it.



After that, Hiccup started to train his dragon. First step, he earned Toothless’s trust by bringing it a pile of fish. When the two were closed enough, Then the second step, he made a prosthetic tail for it. And the last step before they became close, they had practiced to fly, and they had tested the variation together every day.



The two slowly but surely began a common bond and friendship together, so Hiccup can refer that Toothless is his best friend ever. And because of their deep relationship, they are both willing to risk their own lives to save the other. It is admiring!


You can see that Toothless has many great attributes, but the one that is the most desirable is its loyalty to Hiccup. it has greatly respect and loyal to him, and it protects him in many dangerous situations. However, before he receives its loyalty and friendship. He had to make it to be tamed, or  to make it trust him by not only feeding it fish, or making it a prosthetic tail, but giving it all of his sincerity is the most important step of all.


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