How To Publish

How To Publish

“Publish STUFF on this WP site. Think it, Write it, Publish it!”

The posts below will help you understand how to do the following steps for publishing on this site:

1. Register  2. Log in 3. Get your account upgraded to “author” by the website admins  4. Write and Publish a Post 5. Become famous

Glass Painting


Whenever you think of handicrafts, what do you think they are frequently made of? They can be made of dried bamboo leaves, wood, or metal. In fact, they might be made of the very fragile material like glasses. Since I studied the selective course in 2014, Non-Formal Education for the Elderly, in the Faculty of Education, I had taught them ... Read More »

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse: A Chula Students Guide


As The Walking Dead season 6 came out along with tons of zombie movies like boy scouts, pride and prejudice and zombies (yep, that’s a movie title DANG!!!) so everywhere you look these days, you’re bound to run into a bunch of bloody zombies. So, I think it is time for us, as Chulalongkorn University students, to take zombies subject ... Read More »

“Effective tips to stay awake and alert”


Effective tips to stay awake       One thing in common between deadline and exam is that it keeps you away from the word ‘sleeping.’ However, it’s also hard to stand feeling sleepy and yawning. If you are struggling to stay awake, here are some effective ways to help you except coffee and Redbull.           When you are really tired and ... Read More »

4 Ancient Tips to Lose Weight

As I look around, I find a lot of people try hard to lose weight. They take a good care of their diet. They concern about activities they do. Some people fast and some take drugs. If you are the one who are looking for effective ways that not only lose your weight but also make you be a healthy person, I’d like to suggest ... Read More »

‘Easily Saving A Hundred Thousand Before I Graduate’


Saving a hundred thousand before I graduate is just a piece of cake. I have been doing this myself from last year and I am certainly sure of the result. As a student, it is much easier to save one-tenth of a million baht by following my own rule, ‘PrSS’, which is standing for three keywords, preparing, saving and saving. ... Read More »

Profile Pictures with Gravatar


The Chulawired wordpress theme uses Gravatar to display users’ profile/post avatars. To create or change your Gravatar, go to: If you have never setup a Gravatar account: Register / login to Gravatar. Upon registering, use the SAME email address that is associated with your WordPress User Profile. Upload your photo and associate it with that specific email address. If ... Read More »

How to Register with

Confirm registration

To join our CU community, just follow the few steps of registration below:   1) Register: Look at the right column of the Chulawired web page and find the “LOGIN” box. From here, you can REGISTER (or simply LOG IN if you already have an account). Then you will be brought to a box which will ask for a couple ... Read More »

How to Write & Publish Posts

New post by bar

After you register, log in, and have your site account upgraded from the default to “author” by the website admins, you can start to write and publish posts. It isn’t hard if you follow some simple steps. THE BASICS 1. NEW POSTS: You can make a new post by clicking at POSTS on your left menu when you’re in your ... Read More »