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Hungarian Traditional Stuff



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Hungarian traditional Stuff

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Have you ever seen the weird foreigners doing  things that you can never forget? What do you think why he or she does a thing like that? Maybe, it’s a difference in culture or he is actually weird. I have been in a situation that I can’t take an eye off my friend. She is Italian. And you know what? Italian people tend to grow their hair in the wired part of the body. Can you guess which part?  Yes! Armpit. All I want to say is that, in Italy there are such a wired thing and so do Hungarian. In Hungarian, there are traditional unique stuffs including Wine, Palinka, and tissue paper which are one of the most outstanding traditional stuffs among European Country.

To start with the first thing, Hungarian wine, there is a unique style of how to serve wine in Hungary. Imagine that you are in Hungarian restaurant, the waitress would serve you like 80 percent of the glass but if you are in German, they would serve you like 50 percent of the glass. Meanwhile, you would be served in a level of 40 Percent in Italy and 20 percent in France.

The next stuff goes to Palinka. Palinka is a strong alcoholic beverage that can only be found in Hungarian. Palinka is believed to be digestive medicine. Moreover, Hungarian always welcomes their guest by giving them a shot of Palinka. If you have to be their guest, you can’t deny drinking Palinka by saying “no no no !!! I’m not drink”.  You have to drink it because Hungarian believes that Palinka’s good for your health.  It’s a tradition.

The last thing is the most important stuff in Hungarian. That’s Tissue Paper. Sniffing nose habit was believed to be a dirty thing. So, the consequence is that you will see most of the Hungarian blowing their nose in extremely way.

After you learn more about Hungarian, you will see that there are traditional unique stuffs like wine, Palinka, and tissue paper which is one of unique traditional stuffs among European Country. And next time, if you have a chance to travel in Italy or Hungary. Don’t forget to bring tissue Paper.

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