Life is the most dramatic movie of the world. Sometimes life is happy as a comedy film, but sometimes it is such a sad story that can make you cry out loud. Like every movie, life has its own original soundtrack that reminds you memories or events like it was composed for you.  Mine is “Hurt” which reflects my feeling when my best friend passed away due to a cancer, and “Christina Aguilera” perfectly sings my heart out.70c24d25d9bc7939bf78ee087578c937

It is been many years ago since I first listened to the song “Hurt.” Its lyrics are all about losing someone you love. Christina dedicated this song for her father.  “Hurt” is the ballad-pop song describing the feeling when someone is gone forever, but you have many things to tell and do with him or her. That person passed away, but you are still alive and live regrettably with unforgettable memories and mistakes wishing that you could turn back time to fix something. That meaningful lyrics kicks my heart because I also did the biggest mistake which is ignoring my best friend’s messages in Facebook. I saw some posts about my friend who had to go to hospital, but I was not concern about it because she already had allergy. She sent me a direct message asking why I did not visit her at the hospital, but I said to her that I was busy.

On 22 October 2015, I got news that she was sick and had to admit in Intensive Care Unit of the hospital. I immediately went to see her and I just realized that she had a cancer for over the year. I had only five minutes to visit her; it is the saddest five-minute moment ever. I said her hello, I smiled to her, I held her hand and told her that “Tomorrow I will be here again with your favorite food.” Unfortunately, there was no tomorrow that I promised to her. After I vilarge_will-god-hurt-me-and-call-it-good-znztel3jsited her, I cried all the way back to the dormitory. I laid in my bed crying for several hours. Then the next morning, I got the bad news. My best friend passed away peacefully that night. I went through her Facebook  and I saw a lot of her posts about her disease which I, who was using Facebook every day, did not notice any of them. At that time I really wished that I could turn back time. I would be there, by her side, and I would have done everything that best friend supposed to do until the last breathe, not just being with her for only five minutes.

This pain will never disappear; it will stick on my heart like a scar. And every time I listen to the song “Hurt”, it reminds me of this story and always brings my tear down since it really touches my heart with its meaningful lyrics and touching melody which other songs cannot compare with. “Hurt” perfectly describes my heart that is hurt as the title of the song.


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