“I swear I lived”


There are billion songs in this world. There are million songs I listen to. Still, there is only one song that inspires and reflects my life. The song is “I lived” by OneRepublic.

Written by the frontman of OneRepublic, “I lived” is for his four-year-old son.  Yet, he made it universal and applicable to everyone. The song talks mainly about living every minute and every chance of live without regret in the end. This means no giving up on live no matter how hard the time may be. On other words, the song encourages listeners to make the most of their life. The music video tells a story of a boy who suffer from Cystic Fibrosis, which is a disease that ruins digestive system and slowly shuts down the lung. Despite his life expectancy, he appreciates his life and doesn’t give up on it easily. He tries to have fun as much as he can while living by doing leisure activities such as bicycling and playing hockey. He says even though it is scary to know when he is going to leave this earth, it is more scarier not to be able to “live”.

Talking about how this song relates to my experience, it only inspires me to do what I am supposed to. In fact, the song and its music video reminds me of how short life can be. I, consequently, try to put up with me responsibilities and try to have fun as much as I can. For example, studying is the biggest thing in my life as my parents have put their expectation on me. However, I always remember that my life is not only about study, it is also about achieving dreams, too. The biggest dream I have of all is to travel around the world. Although, I now have already been to five countries, which are U.S.A, China, Brunei, Malaysia, and Australia, I do not seem to stop here.While studying, I also work hard to be able to afford my next journeys. It is quite a difficult time around here, but I never think about giving up. I just want to try to visit as many places as possible while living. I want to make the most of my life.

Briefly, “I lived” is the song that makes me aware that every minute of my life should not be wasted. The song also tell a part of my life story that I spend all of my life doing things I really want to do. With all the responsibilities, maybe in the end, I get to travel the world, or never to do that at all. Still, I will not give up and try everything to make sure that “I did it all” and “with every broken bones, I swear I lived.”

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