I’m disappointed .

I’m disappointed .


Let’s think about the last time you got mad at someone. Why did you get mad at him or her ?  I’m sure for one thing. It’s because that person disappointed you. Disappointment is not just a feeling of anger or a feeling of sadness. But it is a feeling between anger and sadness. We’re disappointed when people don’t do what we want them to do or we are not pleased about them. Being disappointment constantly can be stressful and disturbs us from enjoying our normal lives. You always blame yourself as a victim in the situation. And you know, what the funny thing is the person who actually disappoints you is the person who you are acquainted with. For me, my feeling of disappointment occurs when I trust someone too easily.

I had experience, when I was in high school. I used to be a very sensitive person. I had a friend whom I trusted and I considered her as my best friend. I shared my darkest secrets with her. One day, I told her my problem and asked her not to tell anyone. Then, she nodded her head and she said OK. I believed her. The following day, I came to my class early. I found that all of my classmates insanely gossiped about my story ,and they started teasing me. I felt so embarrassed and my face turned red with anger. I was extremely disappointed at her. At that moment, in my heart, I did not want to talk to her anymore.When the time went by, she came to me and apologized. I forgave her but I cannot forgot what she did. Our friendship has never been the same. No matter how long it takes, I never ever trust her again. It’s like a broken glass. When it’s broken into a little pieces, it will never be mended. This story reminds me of that nothing hurts more than being disappointed by a person I thought I could count on .

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