Ineffective Teaching Leads to Ineffective Learners

Ineffective Teaching Leads to Ineffective Learners

Learners have been misled by some ineffective teaching methods, thus I am one of them who thinks that there are few causes which make me an ineffective learner. Initially, a number of English teachers strict on grammar rules too much. What is the real objective of learning English? Isn’t it learning to understand and communicate with people effectively? Lots of them always care about detecting grammar errors and emphasize this point repeatedly so far. That is why I have not spoken English fluently yet. Also, instructional system in Thailand leads us to learning for obtaining good grades. So, do they truly guarantee the ability of students? When I reviewed lessons for exams, I focused on only how to remember as much as possible to get high scores. After taking exams, not for a long time, I forgot what I had tried to remember. The last cause is from irresponsible teachers. The duty of a teacher is to teach both academic subjects and morality. Consequently, if teachers are often busy or have no time to teach, students will be neglected and finally they will lack of learning proficiency as they should get. It’s not wrong to say that the main factor causing a student’s learning ability is from a teacher’s behavior. To sum up, an ineffective learner is caused by several reasons which most of them exist in the classroom.


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  1. Your criticism is direct and relevant, and a little brave considering where we are. But i say, “bravo” for speaking your mind.

    I can feel your real concern and anxiety. As a teacher, I often wonder if my approach for a lesson or unit or course is effective for learning. I feel that as an educator, I owe so much to students who invest their time, energy, and money in their education. Also, like you, I care much less about grades than I do about learning a skill that will help my students in the future. I want them to be both successful and well-informed humans on this planet we all share.

    If I can offer one piece of advice, I’d suggest that you focus on people’s ideas and not the people themselves when you giving criticism. This approach seems to work better.

    I seem to have a lot to say about your writing, therefore you have done an excellent job of provoking thoughts. Well done.

    As i seem to have a lot to say about your writing, it seems you have done an excellent job of provoking thoughts. Well done.

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