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There are several movies base on true story and sometimes have you ever wondered why some movies seem just like your life. I am one of the wonderers. For me, I think movie “Inside Out” had reflected a part of my life. The main character “Riley” had the same conflict as my life.

Riley had leaded a happy life with her loving family and friends and also participated in the team of her favorite sport, iced hockey, in Midwest of the States. But actually the real controllers of Riley’s success are the emotions in her brain who advised Riley how to manage each situations. They are Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger. Things changed when Riley had to move to San Francisco due to her dad’s new job. She got a hard time blending her life to the new place and the worst part was a pair of Riley’s life manager was gone. The problem was Joy had tried to keep things positive too much. Emotions are conflict so pretending to be happy was not the final answer.

When I had started my freshman year, I was like Riley.  I had tried to adjust myself to the new place like Bangkok. I gave my best effort to keep my life balance between studying and activities. The toughest part to get through was homesick but accepting the feeling and times healed. Now I have so much fun with my college life surrounded by my lovely friends even the examinations are not the pleasing part.

According to what I had mentioned above, Movies are based on life so I am the main character in my own story and what I had learn was growing up is not that easy as it can be a rough road. All the problems that came in my life just a lesson so I tried to understand and learned how to fix them. They will come and then they will go so what I do is just chin up and live my life like I only live once.

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